#EnPointe – Finding Beauty in Everyday

I have been shooting ballet on and off for the past 15 years and there is just something that keeps bring me back to it. While I may not understand ballet, I know that I it. I love the movement, the grace, the strength, pretty much every little thing about it.

My passion for ballet started in 2004 when I had the opportunity to work on a story about a ballet school in South Africa’s impoverished Alexandra Township. I spent a year working on the story, going back every week, sometimes 3 or 4 times a week. From the second I made my first image, I knew that ballet and I were going to be “involved in a relationship” for many year to come. In 2005 I won a World Press Award for the story, it was featured in the Globe and Mail Canada, The Los Angeles Times, Sunday Times in the UK and even Russian Vogue. Click here to see that story.

I have just started work on my new photo project #EnPointe and I plan to spend the next 6-8 months making these images, just in Johannesburg at first, but if I can raise some funds to cover costs, I would love to take it out into the rest of South Africa. I will be posting images here on my website, on my facebook page and my Instagram account.  

This project is different to what I have produced before, it is not a documentary of something sad, it is a celebration of what is beautiful in South Africa, and I am hoping to use ballet to show this.Yes we live in a country that has many issues and problems, crime is rife, corruption is rife and sometimes it is scary. However, if you take the time to just look around, and I mean really look, you will find such beauty in the daily life that surrounds you.

I hope this project entices you to look at your surroundings, while you are driving, or standing in a line, or whatever, just look and you will see what I mean.

If you don’t see it, then perhaps you will just like the pretty pictures…..


[unitegallery Enpointe]